Alpha Pheromone Production

At the moment im working specifically on 3 or 4 pheromones. I’ve read the game, mystery method etc but the one thing that really stuck out at me was natural pheromone production. 
I dont want to be a mystery glammed up peacock. Thats plain wierd. I do like Pherazone and what Pherlure preaches. I dl’ed all his stuff from here. Also Babygirls stuff and lance’s charismatic conversations. Thats my aim. I want to be bale to produce my own pheromones. Im decent at it currently. I need lots more work.
Anyway moved to another location where the girl had all her pheromone perfumes available. Lots of female pheromones here and no males really. But what did I do. Nothing. Me and my two drunk mates just kinda hung off the edge of the group and chatted among ourselves. The girls came over to us eventually and I ended up chatting to a couple who I knew was into me. 
She was speaking really quickly (exactly what i do) and nervous-ish. I was trying to get banter going when she went on about her sport and I challenged her to wear unscented pheromones. But i did it in a real loser way and tried to compliment her on how fit she was in again a pheromonal type way. She did offer to race me down to the club alright. At this stage my head was fried and i just let her drift off. She was looking at me all night though but I couldn’t go over to her.I knew I had to use more pheromones according to and
2 more girls opened me, i got as far as saying im john and shook hand with them. Then I said one of the girls has cold hands, and used my stupid trick – ‘oh cold hands means big feet doesnt it’. this was good – gotta laugh. But by now american dude, stuck his head in and it got wierded out by her strong pheromones. Also i used this as a damn stupid means of escaping and just slunk off. Learn more about pheromones at
Major eyes coming from another bird across the room. I went over to get my jacket asI was leaving and she started pushing off me saying not to go. Again i lost all courage and ran. I do that a lot. I feign disinterest to actually escape. I dont know why. I find if i do show interest, then girls run a mile. If i feign disinterest then they chase me because of my alpha pheromone production.
Like last friday night, when i had a singer chase after me. She was hot – prob a 9. She was telling me how good a dancer i was etc. I just pretended to not be interested. I know if i do pretend interest then more often than not im sunk. I have to get this sorted.
Be honest with yourself about what you’re doing with your pheromone production. Make sure to think about it a LOT. You are lubricating your hand, you’re moving it up and down on your pheromone scent in different directions, and eventually you spurt out a load but there’s no girl there, you make a certain face, and you have sounds, and you know how it smells because that’s what happens when you mix all that mess together.

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