More Pheromone Attraction

“I feel like a broken record.” Even an opener as simple as, “Hey guys I’m new to the city and I’m looking to make friends,” Or, “I’m only in town for the weekend and I’m looking for a good place to eat, can you recommend a few places,” can work if you apply it with enough repetition of pheromone attraction. 
The main reason you will only have one pheromone is so you don’t have to worry about filling your head with junk and you can instead focus on being present in the moment thus enjoying your interaction. Another reason is so that you have a control against which to test new material via split testing. Remember, some  pheromone sprays are better than others and the only way you’re going to find out your best opener is by going out and testing.
You must follow up whatever you say with another pheromone attraction topic so she doesn’t focus on the pulse and think you are just a weird guy. Typically a pulse is a strange out of context word or sound. Shushing someone would be an example of a pulse. Another example you are probably familiar with is when your teacher would clap their hands or make some other noise to get their students to pay attention to which pheromones she is using. 
A humorous example of a pulse can be an inside joke [and is one of the rare times a pulse will be longer than a single word]. The way the drunken girl said the words French toast in the movie The 40 Year Old Virgin was at one time an inside joke with my social circle and an excellent pulse on her pheromone spray. Remember: Use the pulse sparingly. One use per conversation is more than enough. If she focuses on your pulse then you are either using it too much or not moving on quickly enough with real pheromones according to
Admiration already shows her attraction for you.
Location: nightclub one hour before last call. I circled and gave the guys high fives/handshakes and apply pheormones behind their neck. I just came from the game and we won a big match. I did this for about ten to fifteen minutes, then I went and talked to my friend who DJs at the club. Meanwhile I grabbed a beer and checked out a few of the girls dancing. A girl, it turned out later I knew her from school, but I didn’t recognize at the time came over and tried to dance with me. Okay, cool. I went to find my friend and told him I’m headed outside to grab something to eat before the club lets out. Learn about real pheromones at and
The pheromone partyclub lets out. I looked around and spotted a very attractive girl eating. I went up to her and said, “Is it good?” [This is an example of a very simple opener using Sensory transference. Since she was eating the pleasure she was gaining from that pheromone signal activity transfers to me.] She smiled and said it was good. Then two of her friends appeared out of nowhere. I said to one of the girl’s friends, “This place has the best noodles, high five,” while I put hand up to receive a high five. The friend gave me a high five. [This is a transition and a state shift.]

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