Ergonomic Office Chairs and Their Benefits for Office Workers

Office work involves a lot of sitting, which is a very stressful position for the body if prolonged, so office workers definitely need the best, most ergonomic office chairs if they want to protect their health.

We used to have terrible chairs in the office. They looked good and matched the overall design of the office, so you didn’t notice how uncomfortable they were until you tried them. We endured the suffering for a while, then we told our boss about the problem. First, he was reluctant to invest into new chairs, then one day he came to the office to tell us about a new project and he grabbed a chair while he was doing the presentation. He spent about half an hour sitting in the chair and he left the office with a terrible back pain, so by the following week we had his permission to get new chairs – I loved this. We chose ergonomic office chairs with lumbar support and lots of adjustable features. The chairs arrived in a few days and now all of us feel much better – my back pain disappeared almost instantly -, plus the new chairs match the rest of the office furniture as well, so it was the best investment into employee comfort ever.

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