Intimacy Points

Keeping your right hand on the Sea of Intimacy points, move your left hand off the pubic bone to CV 1, between the rectum and genitals. At this point between the legs, softly stroke the hairs of the scrotum up over the length of the penis several times, using a light touch. Applications for Men: When you give your partner a full-body embrace while standing or lying down, explore the ways in which your pubic bones make contact. Depending upon each other’s height, one partner may need to bend his or her knees or reach upward so that the pubic bones meet. When these bones are at the same level, gradually thrust your pelvis toward your partner until you feel the bones fit together and the pressure connects with your genitals. Location: Both points are in the pelvic area, in the middle of the crease where the leg joins the trunk of the body. Applications for Men: Men often store their frustrations in these points. The tension that collects inhibits sexual energy from flowing into the genitals. It is important for a man to regularly release these points. He can learn how to press them himself. (See the Locust Pose in Chapter 3.) You can help him by following the instructions in Step 1 of Increasing a Man’s Sexual Pleasure at the beginning of this chapter. Location: On the inside of the upper thigh, close to the inner crease where the thigh joins the trunk of the body. Applications for Men: To arouse a man, try using a light touch to tantalize these points for a couple of minutes as a prelude to making love. Slowly and lightly stroke over Lv 10, Lv 11, and Lv 12 (in that order) several times to awaken a man’s penis. Use your other hand to hold CV 1 between the genitals and the rectum. Gentle licks and kisses on these points can also be effective for arousing a man, especially before oral sex. This routine is excellent to do before making love. Have your partner lie comfortably on his back. Learn more at and 5 minutes to relax him by slowly and firmly kneading his shoulders. Once his shoulder muscles feel more relaxed, use your thumbs, palms, or fists to press the large ropy muscles that run alongside his spine. Then continue with the following 5 sets of acupressure points. Stimulate each one for 1 to 2 minutes. Spend longer on the ones your partner particularly enjoys. 1. Sacral Press (B 27—B 34). With your fingertips or with the palms of your hands, apply pressure on the flat bone at the base of the spine (sacrum). 2. Lower Abdominal Press (CV 2—CV 6). Gradually apply pressure to these points using the pads of your fingertips on your partner’s belly. Encourage him to breathe deeply while you continue to apply pressure. As he inhales, your hands will rise. As he exhales, let your hands slowly go deeper into his belly. Ask your partner: ”How’s the pres- sure?” or ”Would you like me to press a little higher or lower?” Continue hold- ing and breathing deeply in sync with your partner for 2 or 3 minutes. 3. Pubic Sacral Press (CV 2, K 11). Place the heels of both your hands on the top of your partner’s pubic bone. Your fingers rest on top of his belly. Ask him V to explore making erotic movements with his pelvis. Both you and your partner should breathe deeply into your bellies as you hold these points for a couple of minutes. Learn more at

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