17 Day Diet Grocery list

Go grocery shopping / order it online (if that’s an option) and stick religiously to the list. Only supplement with light weightlifting far from failure with the only focus on maintaining your technique while you slim down your bodyweight – and burn a bit extra kcals! – The deadlift is a total diffrent lift, it won’t affect your pull path – just don’t expect there to be any transfer technique or specific strength wise for the same reason … Here is what happens to most that do so otherwise, they lose allot muscle, they lose less fat, they lose strength = their weightlifting gets hurt allot in periods where they cut down… simple as that. Alternative – cut down with 2-500 kcals deficit a day = takes allot of time, and in the period you won’t grow much stronger … Why Successful People Don’t Just Make Random Cuts To Their Calorie Intake One of the keys to successful dieting is to do it in a way that allows you to eat as much as possible while still progressing. Learn more at http://austingosser.bcz.com/2016/12/12/17-day-diet-for-quick-weight-loss/ and https://erinjgz.wordpress.com/2016/01/01/17-day-diet-research-2016

By doing this you can minimize hunger and lethargy, which are two of a dieters biggest enemies. You are not a bride-to-be looking to crash diet her way into her wedding dress in a month’s time who doesn’t care how she looks the month after. You’re a physique- focussed trainee, powerlifter, bodybuilder, athlete or fighter. Your continued progression hinges on what you can sustain over the long term. Additionally, for those that compete, fundamental to your success is that you have had enough energy to train properly leading up to that day. But people screw this up and make it harder on themselves, which is sad when they have put in so much hard work with their training up until this point. The typical ‘bro’ way of doing things is to cut out nearly all carbs and fatty foods immediately as the diet commences, eating a daily menu such as white fish, spinach and rice crackers for lunch, chicken breast, broccoli and rice crackers for dinner, for months on end, until shredded. This can actually work fairly well if you’re pumped full of drugs that help to maintain your muscle mass, and keep your hormones in check, but for the rest of us it’s really not a good idea. Why is this not a good idea? • If we slash calorie intake too much we risk losing muscle mass . – There are limits to how much fat we can lose each day, and the leaner we get, the less we can lose. More on this in part 5. • You’ll have less energy for your workouts . Without sufficient training intensity you will lose muscle mass. Additionally for the athletes, your ability to train your skill set and prepare properly for the meet or fight will be hampered. • You’ll run out of places to make cuts to your calorie intake to keep progressing . You already know the answer, which is why you are reading this book. Learn more at http://forevercutting.weebly.com/the-fitness-blog/i-tried-most-diet-plans

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