Disk Read Errors

I could not switch properly my laptop as I was getting information about hard drive failure (A Disk Read Error Occured. Press CTRL+ALT+DEL to restart). I could not get my data back by using life USB with Linux as I could not see my hard drive listed. Then I connected it to another PC and could only see Windows starting but nothing is happening after min 40 min. Is there a change to get the data back from the hard drive and what would be the cost?

I have a seagate 500gb external hard drive that now makes a beeping noise and fails to be recognised by my laptop is there any chance the data can be recovered.

I have a WD 1TB external hard drive that has my life on there. About 3/4 weeks ago i plugged it into my laptop and it didn’t register that there was anything there, it did make a ‘bing’ noise, but I couldn’t access the hard drive at all and it just seemed to be blocked or empty or something. I did email then but I have not received a reply, I also tried to call but no one answered so I am just trying again as I just would like to be able to use the hard drive again if possible. Any help would be greatly appreciated

The pc dies not recognise the drive. It is a SSD hard drive 2 years old. I really hope you can help me. I run music workshops for kids and after a session this eve I returned home turned on my laptop and everything had gone. MacBook Pro. Stopped working. Can’t separate drive. Reverting back to original mode. I would need to reset everything and data not backed up. I really hope I haven’t lost there work and music files. Really need the laptop for work tomorrow afternoon. I leave at 13:30 I live in a Ashford and could have the laptop over in the morning.

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